About Us

Nothing but change is constant! In this constantly changing world, GROWTH is inevitable for everyone. From one who is already successful to one starting just now. Each of us needs a guiding factor in form of a mentor, coach, or a CONSULTANT.

Consultant Cube provides the much-needed platform where individuals, businesses, start-ups, giants, or consultants themselves can have easy access to finding their respective Consultants from various domains.

Our simple yet appealing global platform lets the clients connect with the respective Consultants and meet their precise requirements in their own cube.

How we works

Consultant Cube, A dais that helps mentee seek the right mentor to fulfil their respective need. Our platform is designed such that it is super easy to search and connect with registered consultants of various domains.

Register as a Consultant

  • Consultants can easily register on ConsultantCube.com with basic details such as their name, email, and consultancy domain.
  • A short or long description to help the visitors understand and reach to respective consultant.
  • Experienced coaches can easily add their proficiency certificates and other achievements.
  • Consultants can also list their diversified services, if dealing in more than one domain.
  • If working both online and offline, mentors can highlight their days and specific hours using calendar schedule functionality.

Register as a visitor to find a Consultant

  • Customers can create their profile in simple steps that involves basic information such as name, and email.
  • Customers can straight go to search consultants by choosing categories / sub-categories of their interest.
  • Customers can favourite different consultants.
  • Customers can drop questions to respective consultant. However, if it is not a paid service, it is up to the consultant to respond.
  • Customers can book call with registered consultants using paid services.